Primary colours, a baseline colour code for business transformation

In a recent marketing meeting we were discussing our Company logo. In particular that the use of primary colours was no longer relevant or suitable for today’s ‘digital’ business environment. On exploring why the colours were used in the first place, we were reminded of the origins of our logo and the use of primary colours to represent what is today a globally recognised logo in Enterprise Architecture (EA) training.

Fundamentally red, blue, green and yellow (the unique hues) along with white and black (associated with the natural colour system – NCS) form the basis of how the human visual system interprets all information. With reference to light, when combining primary colours in varying amounts the full spectrum of colours is achieved.

But why primary colours for a logo and what does this mean for Enterprise Architecture? Judith Jones the founder of ATE Enterprises and respected for her contribution to EA standards and TOGAF® notes that primary colours are not complex in themselves, but as one would use Lego® bricks (originally only available in primary colours) to build just about anything, primary colours form the basis of an extraordinary array of colour. Interestingly, with reference to Lego® bricks, building blocks in Enterprise Architecture are described as ‘packages of functionality defined to meet business needs’.

ATE Enterprise’s mission is to equip people and organisations to engage in transformation at an enterprise level. We believe that the best practice standards that we train on, provide the knowledge and understanding to establish Enterprise Architecture practices that will help the business thrive in an ever changing environment.

We are proud of our contribution to the accomplishments our clients have gone onto achieve. In keeping with this, our logo like our commitment to current and future clients will go unchanged.

To find out how we can help you please do visit our website at or get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

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