TOGAF Certification continues to be the most important endorsement for Enterprise Architects.  Companies looking to recruit EA’s use this certification as a benchmark to demonstrate the practitioner has achieved a high level of understanding and is able to apply this global standard to the organisation.

Enterprise Architecture is pivotal to aligning business and IT strategies and is key to interpreting complex technical processes, ensuring successful business change and transformation.  As an EA Framework, TOGAF enables practitioners to respond to business requirements in a structured, well defined manner that can be measured against recognised best practice.

TOGAF certified professionals are able to apply this standard within an organisation to ensure alignment between an organization’s business goals, objectives and the IT function, providing significant value and ensuring business success. As a result they are highly sought after.  Accordingly, individuals who are looking to progress in their careers have recognised this demand and the importance of becoming TOGAF 9 certified.

This demand has grown to the point that it now extends beyond the EA role to professionals within other architecture domains.  Solution and Business Architects in particular are looking to understand and apply TOGAF. In addition to this being an obvious career path, this wider adoption facilitates collaboration.

As Enterprise Architecture’s value to strategy grows, so does the need for business and operation managers to understand TOGAF.  While these people may only need to do Level 1 certification, the collective use of TOGAF, facilitates communication by providing a common language.