Digital Assets, Distributed Ledger Technology and the Future of Capital Markets WEF Insight Report

Published on the 6th May 2021

This report will provide executives, regulators and policy-makers with insights on the emerging uses of DLT in capital markets to:
– Explore many of the ways in which capital markets institutions and technology firms are experimenting with or building products enabled by distributed ledger technology
– Illustrate how individual DLT use cases may address challenges or inefficiencies in specific markets
– Share insights from relevant experts on potential paths forward, challenges or enablers for these use cases
– Highlight examples of firms bringing specific use cases to market, with summary details on each
This report is intended to help
– Strategic decision-makers at financial institutions to understand the potential roles DLT is beginning to play in the capital markets, critically assess different use cases and explore how their institution might operate within different future state visions
– Regulators and policy-makers to understand how financial institutions in different jurisdictions are adopting DLT-enabled solutions so that they may craft responses that appropriately balance innovation and market safeguards
It’s a good deep read on why Enterprise Digital Architecture is the way forward!
Ben Weisman, Lead Author, Initiative Lead, Financial Innovation World Economic Forum
Sarah Zacharias, Project Fellow and Principal, BCG Platinion, Boston Consulting Group

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