Enterprise Architecture Stakeholder Engagement

Enterprise Architects (EA) work with a wide variety of stakeholders. While business success is a shared goal, each person or team has different requirements to achieve this outcome. To satisfy the needs of these stakeholders and contribute to the business success, it is vital that the Enterprise Architect understand the needs as defined by the stakeholder’s position and what is needed to fulfil these.

This diagram illustrates stakeholder groups that an EA typically has to work with and the key information flows.

ATE Enterprises provides the perfect opportunity and environment for stakeholders to work together on a project with defined goals. Our Architecture Skill and Competency Coaching program recognises the relationship between EA and stakeholders and identifies key information important to each.

Led by a Chief Architect the program provides ‘on the job’ architecture transformation training. While the program delivers tangible outputs that have been defined at the outset, the main focus of the program is designed to develop the skills and competencies of the architecture team including soft skills like communication and stakeholder engagement. The coaching program is an effective means of addressing complex business transformation and emerging technology challenges in-house.

Key information that flows from the process include:

  • Driving and enabling the business change agenda
  • Costs and benefits
  • Efficiencies and overall cost reduction of IT
  • Roadmap to portfolio
  • Outline costs, benefits and amortisation
  • TCO, ops and capital costs
  • Budget forecasting
  • Business change
  • TCO and ops costs
  • Technology lifecycles
  • Service improvement
  • Objectives and benefits
  • Sequencing and dependencies
  • Solution constraints and enablers

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