Architecture skill and competency coaching

Faced with the challenge of addressing digital transformation and the need for companies to remain competitive, CIO’s, Chief Enterprise Architects and Strategists are presented with the expectation that IT and Architecture teams need to keep abreast of priorities and deliver viable solutions to address complex business transformation and emerging technology challenges.

To address these challenges, many companies chasing already tight deadlines or lacking the experience and skills in-house, react by calling on specialist consultancies who are tasked with the business critical need for transformation.

When properly defined and executed, consultants will deliver. There is however the danger that once the project is completed and the consultant has left the building their outputs are shelved and no knowledge or skills have been transferred to the business, creating a reactive culture that will always be dependent on 3rd party intervention.

The ATE Enterprises Architecture Skill and Competency Coaching program is a game changer. Led by a Chief Architect the program provides ‘on the job’ architecture transformation training to produce deliverables that address a specific business challenge. The program offers a combination of soft and tangible outcomes, designed to improve the effectiveness of the architecture function. The soft outcomes are an improvement in the skills and competencies of the architecture team and the way these are applied in the organisation to address complex business transformation and emerging technology challenges in-house.

Coaching deliveries include:

  • Translating Strategy to Delivery
  • Handling Complexity
  • Useful EA modelling and Frameworks
  • Creating the Vision and Roadmap
  • Seeding the Project Portfolio
  • Interoperability
  • Agile EA
  • Tools, Templates & Frameworks

Over the last 20 years, ATE Enterprises is at the forefront of building architecture team competencies.  Part of this contribution is the fact that our architecture skills framework is included in the TOGAF Standard, providing a means of defining the competency levels required for specific roles within the Architecture function.

Our competency coaching service builds on this and ensures that your architecture team can own and deliver value to the companies transformation journey by developing the skills they need to do this.

To find out more on how we can help you, please do get in touch with me direct.

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