The ArchiMate® 3.1 Training – Foundation and Practitioner is an accredited course based on the ArchiMate® 3.1 Specification which is the latest open and independent modeling language for Enterprise Architecture from The Open Group.

The Open Group ArchiMate Certification for People Program is a market-driven education and certification program to support the ArchiMate modelling language, and ensures that individuals are knowledgeable about the visual modelling language. Assessments are via a formal examination either on-line or in a Pearson Vue facility.


About this Course

The Open Group credential provides validation that the Candidate has gained knowledge of the notation, terminology, structure and extensive concepts of the ArchiMate modeling language and has the capability to use the ArchiMate language for modeling.

The learning objectives focus on knowledge, comprehension of the basic and advanced concepts, and the ability to apply the ArchiMate modeling language in its entirety.

The Open Group credential provides validation that the Candidate has gained knowledge of the notation, terminology, structure and extensive concepts of the ArchiMate modeling language and has the capability to use the ArchiMate language for modeling.

The learning objectives focus on knowledge, comprehension of the basic and advanced concepts, and the ability to apply the ArchiMate modeling language in its entirety.

After attending the ArchiMate® 3.1 Foundation and Practitioner training, delegates will be able to model and integrate uniform representation of an organisation’s Enterprise Architecture. They will be able to model and integrate diagrams that describe, analyse, and visualize the different architecture domains, their relationships, and dependencies in an unambiguous way. Then contribute to and fit the models within the big picture view of the Enterprise Architecture for cross-organization synergy and harmonization.

This course is a 24-hour duration and is available as classroom-based, live webinar or self-learning digital training options The training materials are available for minimum 6 months. The training materials are based on ATE Enterprises’ experience of developing and using Enterprise Architecture and ArchiMate 3.1 standards, our extensive training programs and combines formal teaching, personal exercises/quizzes using our latest Learning Management System.

Benefits of the ArchiMate 3.1 Foundation Practitioner Combined Training include:

Enables visibility and integration of your business transformation journey

ArchiMate enables you to articulate your Enterprise Architecture in business models with supportive infrastructures. Comprising high-level views of your strategies, business capabilities, processes, products, services, people, infrastructure, and partnerships to facilitate better understanding by the business of the business and digital decision-making as a result.

ArchiMate® introduces a unique concept for visualising, defining ‘architectural viewpoints,’ that enable enterprise architects to describe different stakeholder interests and concerns. Using ArchiMate it is possible to improve stakeholders’ productivity and decision-making by providing a comprehensive visualisation of cross organisation operations and changes.

Integration with and Analysis of your existing architecture

From migration of legacy applications, to consolidation of existing IT infrastructure, ArchiMate® supports cross-domain analysis, direct and indirect impact of change from different architectural viewpoints to deliver fully integrated enterprise capabilities.

Training Benefits

A real case study is used to show how the ArchiMate language is used to solve digital transformation initiatives. Developing skills and competencies to improve sustainable business productivity is a key cornerstone of the training. Starting with basic concepts the training takes you into the new advanced features and capabilities of ArchiMate 3.1 standard to support the TOGAF 9.2 version of Enterprise and Business Architecture notations and shows you how to enable business transformations.

The practical modelling sessions helps to depict and visualize architecture domains, understand high-level thinking in Enterprise Architecture, develop the baseline models, transition and target architectures, describe granularity in modeling and best practices in enterprise architecture modeling. Our course package includes extensive courseware, relevant whitepapers, practice tests, case study and modelling exercises.


The course is suitable for Individuals who wish to demonstrate their understanding of:

Who is this Course For? 

1. Individuals responsible for developing, planning, or managing the execution of all or part of a Business Transformation and Enterprise Architecture.
2. Individuals who require to demonstrate practical usage and knowledge of the ArchiMate modeling language
3. Individuals who will be responsible for developing architecture artifacts using ArchiMate language notation
4. Individuals who want to achieve a recognized qualification to demonstrate their practical ability to apply the ArchiMate modeling language
5. Individuals wishing to progress to Enterprise Architecture Modelling Practitioners

Our approach is suitable for individuals with roles and responsibilities for the all or part of a Business transformation using Enterprise Architecture and/or its architecture domains especially:

• Business Professionals with a detailed interest or Governance role in their Enterprise Architecture
• Enterprise Architects and Solution Architects
• Security Architects
• Business Architects
• Information, Data and/or Application Architects
• Technology Architects
• Services Architects and IT Professionals


A course completion certificate will be issued after successful completion of the course as reflected in the Learning Management System.

All materials required for the examination are individually marked as Level 1 or 2 Learning Outcomes of which there are 27 learning units with a variety of learning outcomes in the training materials in the training materials. A full list of the Learning Outcomes is also available so that students are well prepared for the examination subjects.

There are also training quizzes in the examination style for both the Foundation and Practitioner examinations. Copies of previous examination papers is provided though these are not current questions in the current examination bank

Students must complete the 27 Level 1 and 2 Learning Units defined in the Conformance Requirements Document and pass the ArchiMate Part 1 and Part 2 Examination. Certification is only achieved after passing the Open Group set examination.


Examination Name: ArchiMate 3 Part 1 Examination Name: ArchiMate 3 Part 2
Examination Type: Multiple-choice examination, 40 questions Examination Type: Multiple-choice scenario-based examination, 8 questions
Time of Examination: 60 minutes Time of Examination: 90 minutes
Supervised: YES Supervised: YES
Open Book: No Open Book: YES


Examination Delivery Options:

1. ArchiMate Examination Bundled Vouchers for Foundation and Practitioner examinations included.
2. Authorized accredited training organizations are able to provide access to this examination on-site.
3. Pearson VUE test centres – booking instructions provided
4. At your home or in your office using Online Proctored delivery – booking instructions provided


ATE Enterprises is a patron of the Archi open source modelling toolkit which we use to demonstrate the ArchiMate notation and modelling techniques for students. The toolkit has been designed to provide the main features required by ArchiMate modelling with some additional features such as sketches and Business Model Canvas.

All our ArchiMate courses include a tutorial on using Archi for those who may not be familiar with the tool.
We recommend that students use the tool to practice their modelling exercises. The tool is freely available and is used by 1000s of Enterprise Architects worldwide. The Archi download instructions are within the modules however you will need to uninstall any previous versions of Archi before installing this one.

Alternatively, students may practice modelling using their organization’s EA tool if it supports the ArchiMate 3.1 notation.

The latest release of Archi supporting ArchiMate 3.1 was delivered in July 2020 and includes the capability to exchange models using The Open Group’s ArchiMate exchange format. The file transfer facility is available to swop models between different ArchiMate tools. The Archi version uses the ArchiMate Model Exchange File Format which is available for ArchiMate 3.1 models.

The exchange format means that you can share your models between different ArchiMate tools and access your model data with other modelling frameworks. Very useful for developing your own models using Archi before you share your models with your organization’s modelling tool.

In addition, there are a number of ArchiMate Certified Tools that support the ArchiMate 3.1 version (bold) and the ArchiMate 3.01 version which are identified in the following table. These are production level tools for which a fee is required and have many more features than modelling ArchiMate.

Some of the tools also support the TOGAF Enterprise Architecture and are TOGAF certified tools. The table shows which tools support the latest certification version TOGAF 9.2 standard (bold) or the earlier version 9.1 standard.




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