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Are You Ready for the IT4IT Revolution?


Are You Ready for the IT4IT Revolution? The Open Group, best known for their TOGAF®, ArchiMate® and UNIX® standards, are launching their newest vendor neutral Reference Architecture for managing the business of IT. The IT4IT™ standard professionalises IT, and strives to break down silos that can exist in an Organisation. It helps the business prepare for the emerging IT industry trends in a more agile way, providing improved ROI and risk management. The IT Value Chain and IT4IT™ Reference Architecture represent the IT service lifecycle in a new and powerful way. They provide the missing link between industry [...]

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One World EA Framework for Governments


One World EA Framework for Governments In this session, Judith Jones (CEO of ATE Enterprises) will address how we build on the success of a One World EA Framework to achieve aspirations to effectively manage climate changes & impacts, global education, global e-commerce, global food challenges, healthcare challenges, tackle cybercrime and many other global issues. One World EA framework looks at how we meet these challenges, and suggests ways forward that Enterprise Architects can make a difference in assisting governments to meet these future challenging goals. The world’s governments are developing their global thinking and harmony in working [...]

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Judith Jones at the BCS Conference London


Judith Jones at the BCS Conference London In June 2018 the CEO of ATE Enterprises, Judith Jones, was invited to the BCS (British Computer Society) Enterprise Architecture forum to deliver a presentation on the future of of EA. Drawing on discussions from the most recent World Economic Forums and their movements to lay the regulatory groundwork necessary for the “fourth industrial revolution”, being brought by digital advancements, Judith delivers a very engaging presentation that opens a window into the Enterprise Architecture of tomorrow. The video is here: Read Judith Jones’s Biography Here [...]

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Judith is chair of the TOGAF ® Cert Committee


ATE Enterprises CEO Judith Jones elected chair of the TOGAF ® Certification Standing Committee We are delighted to announce that our CEO Judith Jones is elected as the Chair of the Architecture Forum Certification Standing Committee responsible for leading the TOGAF Certification & Credentials program in The Open Group. Judith will continue to instruct and train students in TOGAF awareness, certifications and credentials during her appointment. Judith has trained over 5000 students herself and is keen to share her extensive architecture knowledge with you too. To work with Judith and our other highly experienced and knowledgeable [...]

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