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Robots are increasing employment


Here’s why robots are actually going to increase human employment Published on the 26th February 2021 Published by World Economic Forum in collaboration with Forbes. Contrary to popular fears about job losses, the World Economic Forum predicts that automation will result in a net increase of 58 million jobs. The fear that machines will render large swaths of people unemployed is vastly overblown. By taking over the drudgery of repetitive tasks and the danger of more perilous ones, automation will free up humans to do more challenging work—interfacing with customers, developing better products, and yes, managing those [...]

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How AI Is Helping Fend Off Cyberattacks


How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Fend Off Cyberattacks Published on the 22nd February 2021 Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ability of technology to think and act similar to a human, and is being utilized to help fight off potential cyberattacks. Employing AI and machine learning to detect vulnerabilities significantly enhances human capabilities, as AI can analyze and report millions of cyberthreats in the time it might take a person to do the same. Read the Full Article Here If you wish to contact us regarding any of these Emerging Standards please contact us [...]

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