COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Campaigns: A Global Guide

Published on the 1st February 2021

The Open Group Healthcare Forum issue their latest guide to provide a practical, fact-based synthesis of best practices associated with successful mass vaccination campaigns for the purpose of controlling the COVID-19 pandemic. It identifies and describes the main architectural themes and key requirements – the strategies and capabilities – that are common to successful mass vaccination campaigns.

This document discusses the pillars of successful vaccination campaigns globally. It is not tailored to a single country or region, but rather is designed to be broadly useful. The information provided here is grounded in scientific evidence and best practices. Although the scope of this document is global, it focuses on national, regional, and local applications. Its approach is to balance the need for enough information without providing details that are relevant to one or a few countries, but not to many others. A country-specific campaign must build out its own detailed requirements – based on the strategies and capabilities discussed here – that will help to ensure its successful implementation. Mass vaccination
campaigns must evolve with changing circumstances, but the major themes discussed in this document serve as stable guideposts for architecting mass vaccination campaign responses. This document will be updated as necessary.

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